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Essential Tire Change & Roadside Assistance

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The next time you face a flat, turn to the team
at Hawk Tire Service in Amarillo, Texas. Our
experienced technicians perform a tire repair or
change to help you get back on the road quickly.

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Whether you ran over a nail or hit a big pothole, dealing with a flat tire can ruin your day. When you find yourself stuck, contact us and let us service your car, truck, or RV.

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Offering More Than 30 Years of Experience

Our Story

Continue on your way with ease when you contact Hawk Tire Service for your roadside assistance. Based in Amarillo, Texas, we provide a mobile tire change or replacement for any vehicle. As one of the few businesses to come straight to you, we take pride in putting our experience and knowledge to work to help you. We have new, used, and retreaded tires on hand for our customers. When you call for services, please provide us with the size of the tire you need.


Contact our technicians to request a service
when you blow out your tire.